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The Park 2: Two Hunters Return is a 1974 Vokoazuian adventurous film about Goody Twomen & David Twomen return after a fight with Bill the Bad Guy

Director(s): Tommy Gibson

Writer(s): Xerxes Nani

Composer(s): Vanessa Davis

Based on the book: So It's Come to This by Steve Buckins

Production companies: El TV Zapher Films

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Rating(s): E (Vokoazu Union), U (Palena), G (USA),

Release date: March 25, 1974

Running time: 146 minutes (2 hours and 25 minutes)

Country: Vokoazu Union

Language: English, Spanish

Budget: $72 billion

Box office: $85 million

Sakamoto Mullan as Goody Twomen
Michael Vokoazu as David Twomen
Joy Hunk as Emily Twomen
& More

Production and release:
The movie was filmed around Cluepenato Park from April 6, 1973 to March 1, 1974